Texas Luxury Estate Auctions

Texas Luxury Estate Sales and Auctions

Texas Luxury Estate Sales and Estate Auctions

You can acquire for resale at luxury estate auctions, IF you know how! Maybe you buy for keeps. Perhaps you are selling on eBay. OR you regularly have garage sales or you have a booth in an antique mall. Whatever the reason, you need to know how to buy for resale. These tips will help you to know exactly what you are doing!

Texas Luxury Estate Sales and Auctions
Need help finding Luxury Estate Sales and Luxury Estate Auctions? Call us now 469-666-0392

Need help finding Luxury Estate Sales and Luxury Estate Auctions? Call us now 469-666-0392

Get ready to buy

Journey through luxury auctions, antique shops, web sites such as eBay, and use price guides and reference books to determine what is popular, and current prices. Read decorating & design magazines -they often will predict the trends. This will take time -only practice will make you an expert at judging item values.

Be an intelligent shopper

Go to luxury estate auctions and luxury estate sales and view the box lots. These are the less valuable items that end up being sold as a group. Some luxury auctions even have “back room” sales, where almost everything is sold in box lots. Check for items that are selling from Step 1. If you find a gem, buy the box lot, even if everything else is worthless. You can take out what you want, re-box it, and sell it at auction at a later date. According to the economy, the buyers, and the demand, you will often end up getting the “treasure” for free -say you pay $25.00 for a box of 50’s pottery. You find an unsigned piece of Hull in the batch, and sell it for $30.00. You take the rest back to auction, and sell the lot for $15.00 -you ended up making money on the deal!

Find Luxury Estate Sales and Estate Auctions in Texas


Luxury Estate Sales in Texas
Luxury Estate Sales in Texas

Be ahead of the trends

Several years ago, 50’s era items were hot, but not at the luxury auction houses. Dealers were finding 50’s accessories and furniture, buying them at rock-bottom prices, and selling at a hefty profit. Make sure you are getting bargains. This is where doing your homework really pays off -if you pay too much to begin with, you can’t make a profit.

Know when to quit

Do not get so attached that you make bad decisions. If you have your eye on a set of chicken salt and pepper shakers to resell, and the lady with the blue hat is bidding frantically, there’s a chance that she is a salt and pepper shaker collector, or she’s a chicken fanatic! Either way, let it go; you don’t need them that badly. Save your money for something else!

Luxury Estate Auctions and Sales in Texas
Luxury Estate Auctions and Sales in Texas

Don’t play games

Luxury Auctions have regulars who attend every sale, and these buyers can quickly spot someone who is just bidding to run up the price. Not only will you make enemies, you may find yourself getting the same treatment when you bid on something you really want.

Be prepared

Take packing materials and crates with you so that you can get your items home safely. If you are looking for bigger items, take packing quilts and bungee cords to secure your items in your car, truck, or van. Most auction houses won’t hold items for you.

Luxury Estate Auctions in Texas
Luxury Estate Auctions in Texas

Do your homework

If you find items that you think might be valuable, do your research. Can’t find it, or similar items on line or in books? Post a picture on a collector website, and see if anyone else knows anything about the item. If you can find items that are signed or numbered, these are usually of more value. Do not post items for sale on on-line auctions sites until you do your research. You can always relist an item if you have it priced too high, but you can’t change your mind if you priced it too low!

Don’t beat yourself up

Until you’ve done this for a while, you will make mistakes. You’ll sell too low and price too high. You’ll stop bidding on glassware, then discover that it would have brought much more money than you predicted. You will also buy the occasional $3.00 vase that turns out to be very rare, and sells for $85.00!

Examine everything before you bid on it

An auction house will not take an item back because it is damaged -their belief is “Let the Buyer Beware!”

Have fun at your next luxury estate auction or luxury estate sale.

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