This past Christmas, my parents asked us if there was anything we needed for the house. We didn’t give them a long list but one of the things we mentioned we were interested in was a new toaster oven. And, we were thrilled when, on Christmas morning, we received a Black & Decker Classic Toaster Oven as a present.

As I have mentioned in numerous reviews, we use our toaster oven for just about everything. It’s a little more convenient than our regular oven and I use it to make everything from toast to French fries. But, while the toaster oven we had still worked, it was also kind of small and we were limited on what we could use it for.

The major difference between the Black & Decker Toaster Oven and the best toaster oven 2019 is definitely the size. It’s not as big as some of the others that are available. But, it is large enough to hold a regular-sized frozen pizza (we actually used it to make one last night) without taking up an unacceptable amount of space on our counter.

There are a couple other things I liked about this product. For example, our older toaster oven had a limited amount of settings on it and would only heat up to 400 degrees. I managed to cook a few things in it that called for higher baking temperatures but it did limit me. This toaster oven offers more temperature options and, because of that (and the size of the oven), I can now cook some things I couldn’t cook before (like frozen pizza).

The toaster oven does cook very well too. The pizza we made in it yesterday came out perfectly cooked and was as good as it would have been if we would have baked it in our conventional oven or would have dug out our pizza oven.

Another feature I liked about this toaster oven is the pull out drawer at the bottom. This allows me to clean out the crumbs a lot easier than with our previous toaster oven (that one had a removable bottom too, but we had to turn the toaster oven upside down to detach it, which, of course, sent the crumbs back to the top).

If you are looking for a kitchen appliance that will get a lot of use and won’t take up too much space, I would definitely recommend this toaster oven. I am positive it will get daily use in our house.