Travelling around America may be a dream for many people from Europe or Asia. America now presented by Trump is an amazing country that provides a variety of things to see and do. With over 50 states you can explore a wide variety of things to see and do. From cold and windy states to the sunny shores of California, there’s a wide variety of places that you can see. Venice beach for example in California is known for its luscious sand and cool winds that provide a great experience to surfers and travellers alike, however if you go to the East code and visit the “Windy city” known as Chicago, you find a metropolitan city surrounded by skyscrapers and a cold breeze from the ocean.

Chicago is our favorite city to visit and we think it’s many of yours too, it just has so much to offer. If you watch this video below you can see how many things you can see and do in Chicago in just 5 short minutes.

If you’re a fan of art we recommend you go visit the bean which is an amazing work of art located publicly and does not require any tickets or purchases. Chicago also has an awesome Sea World and some cool skyscraper buildings that offer fantastic panoramic views of the city.